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Root Canals

When a tooth becomes badly decayed or infected, a root canalroot-canal is performed to save it. If the tooth isn't treated, the surrounding tissue will get infected and abscesses will form. At Save-On Dental Care, our doctors have special training and experience and can perform your root canal in about an hour - even over your lunch hour! Here's how the procedure works:

  • We start with an x-ray to see the size and shape of the root canals, and determine if there is any infection in the surrounding bone.
  • After anesthesia, we place a rubber ring around your tooth to keep it dry, and create an access hole to begin removing the pulp and decayed nerve tissue.
  • Once the tooth is clean, we seal and fill it with a sealer paste and a rubber compound, putting a filling in the access hole.

Depending on the severity of your case, you may require a crown to protect the tooth. This will prevent it from breaking, and restore it to full function. Regardless of whether you get a crown or other restoration following the root canal, you should brush and floss regularly. See us every six months for a cleaning and exam. Please call us with any questions about the procedure We'll be glad to talk you through it.