to find out how affordable your dental care can be. Bring in
another provider's dental estimate, and we'll help you
compare – after we give you a free X-ray & comprehensive oral exam. We're committed to delivering great value and complete care, and we invite you to see for yourself how to Save-On your dental care.

How much will my initial visit cost?

A consultation appt. is free. All other options are discussed with you prior to incurring any charges.

Is the office handicapped accessible?


Why can't I find any prices anywhere?

There are some fees on the website but we do our very best to keep the costs associated with our services as low as possible. Thus the name Save-On Dental Care.

Is the dentist in the office licensed?

The Licenses of all practicing dentists at each location are posted in a visible location for all patients to see.

Can I schedule an appointment for a cleaning only?

In the state of Alabama a Prophylaxis ( or Cleaning ) is not complete without an Oral Examination from a Dentist. A complete Oral Examination requires the dentist to examine Radio-graphs ( or X-rays ).

Are x-rays really necessary?

To properly diagnose what can't be seen on the surface or below the gums a dentist must have X-rays.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can contact our office in your area via this web-site or by phone.

Will I need to make arrangements for pre-medication?

No, not usually for your first appointment but if pre-medication is needed, it will be discussed at the time of your treatment plan.

Do you accept Medicaid/Medicare, etc.?

Yes, we accept Medicaid. Medicare does not cover dental services.

Do you treat children?


Are you accepting new patients?


Does your office use IV Sedation?

Not at this time. It tends to drive costs through the roof.

What is the difference between Novocain and IV Sedation?

Novocain like anesthesia is a local injection that is used to render a specific area numb, so that the dentist can treat a patient virtually pain free.
IV Sedation is an intravenous sedative that puts the patient to sleep for the treatment. It is generally considered to have much greater risk then local anesthesia.

I'm pregnant; can I come in for a cleaning?

Yes however it is not suggested that you have X-rays taken unless it is absolutely necessary. Please advise the dentist or hygienist if you are pregnant and what trimester that you think that you are in.

I have no insurance and bad credit. Do I have any options?

Yes and we are presently developing relationships with additional companies to make even more options available.